About Us

We are an independent company based in central Los Angeles. GLAS guitars specialise is quality used electric guitars and audio equipment. We take great pride in what we do and want to ensure your guitar or audio piece is ready to rock straight out the box. 

We have decades of professional luthier experience and love nothing better than getting great musical equipment to great players. Please buy with confidence and check out our reviews to date. we are all players and nothing leaves the shop unless we are happy with it!

All used guitars and audio are throughly inspected on purchase and regardless of the age or price are completely stripped, cleaned, re-aligned and reset to ensure they are at the optimum level. We check the following                    
GLAS Guitar Service Overview 
  • Headstock tuners tight greased and set to the correct tension to ensure the best tuning stability 
  • Nut profile and nut sprout dressing if required 
  • Neck tension and truss rod profile set up 
  • Frets measured and polished- fret dress and leveling  completed if required 
  • Neck pocket alignment and all body holes are tight. We will fill all with quality bees wax or dowels if required to ensure tight fitment throughout and optimum tonal resonance of the instrument 
  • Cavity authentication and all electronics- anything replaced or that requires replacing will be clearly listed in the item description
  • All solder joints are strong and re-soldering if required
  • All pots are cleaned to ensure no crackling or loss of signal 
  • All jacks are cleaned and tight and correctly aligned 
  • Pickups tested and hight adjustment completed to ensure the best balance, tonality and sustain 
  • Microphonic pickups are re-waxed using 100% natural bees wax 
  • All bridge parts and saddles and lubed and checked for full functionality 
  • Stratocaster Tremolos are set based on the best “feel” of the action and tension for that instrument-Flat, semi floating or fully floating. We will not bock tremolos unless requested on sale (excluding Clapton strats) 
  • Screws flush and no plastic pick guard remains are left around the pickups and screw holes 
  • We will generally set up guitars with 9’s/ lights but this will vary based on the feel and tuning of the guitar. 
  • Any parts that require replacing will be done with genuine manufacture replacements and will be listed In the description.  
  • We will also complete a pre shipping inspection before packing to ensure the item is 100% ready for you. 
  • All cases will be fully vacuumed to ensure no hairs or dirt are in there.
  • These are the things that drive us mad with used instruments so we make sure your axe is fully set regardless of its price. These are a few reasons to buy from us.   
GLAS Customs 
We have a small boutique range of hand crafted electric guitar builds and custom relic’s. We pick the instruments that speak to us, to elevate them in to top class one if a kind tone killers, and face melters.
Out with our store builds listed, we can preform made to order builds and relic work for all customers. If you want to relic your guitar, neck swap or flip from SSS to HH configurations etc we can help you build your dream. Please contact us directly to set up a consultation with one of our master builders.